Property Renovations vs Rebuilds – Tips On How to Decide

One of the most difficult decisions to make when trying to upgrade a property you own or plan to purchase is whether to renovate it or knock it down and start from scratch.  Whether you have inherited the property from a family member, found an older home located on a good piece of land, or […]

Should I Renovate My Property? 5 Tips from Traditional Cornwall Home Builders

Making the decision to renovate a property can be tricky. Defining the scope of the project, setting budgets and determining timelines can be a tough challenge to navigate if you have little experience in this area. As long standing Cornwall home builders who have been handling both the restoration of historic buildings (stone cottages, longhouses […]

An Expert Construction Team That Will Produce Your Dream Home

At Wood Design and Carpentry some people are led to believe that we only work with timber. That’s not the case. We are a team of five experts who can carry out any sort of construction work in Cornwall, just one of which happens to be working with timber. We also have contacts in specific […]

One Of The Foremost Construction Companies In Cornwall

Wood Design and Carpentry is a company that has been making a name for itself in the building industry for several years. Our focus on providing high-quality services to clients has helped us earn a reputation as one of the most reliable construction companies in Cornwall. We have been involved in the industry for over […]

Some Things To Consider If You Need Home Building Or Renovations

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If you are a homeowner, which many people in Cornwall are of course, then you will be aware that houses do not last forever. They can certainly last hundreds of years, and indeed, some in Cornwall have done so, but there are always repairs and renovations that need to be undertaken from time to time […]

The Evolving Role of Technology in Modern Home Renovation and Kitchen Remodeling Services in Cornwall

Technology is increasingly essential in modern home renovation, more specifically in kitchen remodeling services in Cornwall. From 3D modelling to smart home automation, technology makes it easier for homeowners to envision and plan their renovation projects and complete the construction process more efficient and cost-effective. Innovations in Kitchen Remodelling and Home Renovation One of technology’s […]

What Are Home Construction Contractors, and How Are Traditional Builders Different?

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A home construction contractor is responsible for the overall home construction from the ground up. They may be accountable for everything from designing the house to supervising construction. Their roles also involve the complex processes of overseeing builders who perform the construction and handling material purchasing. Where the contractor’s role focuses on planning, administering and […]

Why Are So Many People Considering New Builds and Home Construction in Cornwall?

There has been a considerable increase in new building development and home construction in Cornwall in recent years as the county continues to attract a range of residents and businesses. This has led to a surge in new homes being built and a corresponding increase in house prices. It’s already been announced that more than […]