At Wood Design and Carpentry some people are led to believe that we only work with timber. That’s not the case. We are a team of five experts who can carry out any sort of construction work in Cornwall, just one of which happens to be working with timber. We also have contacts in specific work areas, such as electrics or plumbing, for instance, who are sub-contractors and work with us on a regular basis. What that means for you is that, whatever your needs, whether you want something such as a straightforward kitchen refurbishment or the complete design and construction of a new home from scratch, as builders in Cornwall we have got you covered.

You might decide that you want an extension to your existing property, and as a contractor for home construction we can handle that for you with ease. We have not just the expertise, but many years of experience. Not only that, but we know how to design and construct an extension that is sympathetic to your original home. So, we can locate brickwork and stones that will match the rest of your home perfectly.

The result, when you add an extension this way, is that you will get all the extra space that you need but it will look as though your extension is just part of the original building, even if it is 200 years old.

We Have Worked On Grade 1 And Grade 2* Listed Buildings

As builders in Cornwall, we have carried out renovation and restoration works on some very old properties including working on grade 1 and grade 2* listed buildings. We take great pride in keeping the appearance in the way in which it was first designed. Indeed, our sympathetic approach is that every construction job is not finished until it is perfect. Not just “looks great” but is perfect.

Of course, as a contractor for home construction, we can also produce a design that incorporates the very latest 2023 technology and finished appearance that is the complete opposite of a building 200 years or more old. Looking at it from another point of view, we could equally produce a brand-new building from scratch that does look that old! We are here to produce the finished result that is whatever you want. After all, when you are building a new home, you are the end customer so you must have your dream home, whatever it may be.

The point is that our team has the skills and over 20 years’ experience to produce the perfect finished result.