At Wood Design and Carpentry Ltd, we have been providing home renovation services to clients for over 20 years. We are, after all, members of the Federation of Master Builders of many years standing.

Home Restoration Projects For Any Type Of Building

It’s a fact that the vast majority of families live in a home which is not brand new. In fact, many of the homes we live in today were built after the second world war and during the 1960’s, replacing many of the bomb-damaged homes, and of course others may be Victorian, and even older.

Unfortunately, as with anything else, nothing lasts forever, and while one can get away with painting and decorating and hanging new wallpapers for years, there eventually comes a point when you need a house renovation contractor in order to spruce everything up and put it all back into proper working order.

At Wood Design and Carpentry Ltd, we have been providing home renovation services to clients for over 20 years. Our team has the experience that you need when looking for a home renovation planner, and we can do whatever you need in order to bring your home up to scratch and looking like brand spanking new – even if it is Victorian! We are, after all, members of the Federation of Master Builders of many years standing.

Grade 1 Listed Buildings

As a house repair contractor, we have worked on grade 1 listed and grade 2* listed buildings. Furthermore, we also worked on a hotel that was subsequently upgraded to grade 2* precisely because of the period fittings that we restored during the renovation. So, you can be certain that our home renovation services will provide you with the finest possible results.

Not only do we have our own skilled team, as a house repair contractor, but we also have long-standing relationships with several sub-contractors and leading manufacturers within the construction industry. What this means to you as a client when you need a home renovation planner is that whatever your requirements, we can provide them. So, you get everything “under one roof” so to speak, rather than having to search for different contractors for various works that are required.

Another important thing about the way that we work is that if we are working to an agreed budget, we still won’t rush anything. As a skilled house repair contractor, we take the view that nothing is ever finished until it is perfect. If that means that something takes a couple of days longer than we planned, then it takes a couple of days longer. That’s our problem, not yours.

Many older homes suffer from dry rot and/or wet rot, moulds, and so on. Dealing with this is specialist work as a house renovation contractor because we have to ensure that whatever caused the issue in the first place is fixed permanently so that it cannot reoccur.

Some older buildings also suffer from structural problems because of ground shift, or just sheer age, and again this is something that requires our specialist skills.

As a house repair contractor, our team has the abilities that you need in order to handle major problems like these.

You Cannot Rush This Sort Of Work

When you have an older building, it is necessary to use a skilled home renovation planner because this type of work is not something that you can rush. The work needs to be planned as far as is actually possible. However, there are some occasions when more damage may become apparent as work progresses, but as a house repair contractor of many years’ standing we can deal with such things as they arise.

When you need home renovation services, you may also want to add an extension to your home. Many people today want a bigger kitchen because over the last few years it has become a room where you not only cook food and wash up, but also eat meals there and entertain guests. We can add an extension into your garden, or we can also do what a lot of people do and that is take down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. This creates a lot of extra space.

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