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A New Home Is A Major Investment

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When you are setting out to build your own home it is a major investment, so you need to sit down and consider exactly what it is that you want the home to be like, what you want to include, what you don’t want to include, and also any things that may affect the construction. For instance, you may be building your home on a slope, and so it is necessary to take into consideration the way that this may affect the foundations and structural supports of the home.

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As foremost house construction contractors in Cornwall, we can build anything that you wish. Obviously, today, one of the most important factors – although there are many – is to build a home that uses as little energy as possible. As contractors for home construction, we know that means insulation, and lots of it. Walls, floors, ceilings, and roof all need to be fully insulated. This will have the effect of keeping heat in during the winter and keeping it out in the summer. Air tightness, windtighness are also very valuable construction techniques that will enhance the energy performance of your home. Renewable energy upgrades such as a power wall or ground source are hot topic today.

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When looking for house construction contractors in Cornwall, you need a company that has the experience and therefore the expertise that comes from long experience, and that is what we provide you with at Wood Design and Carpentry Ltd. As contractors for home construction, we have been building homes for our clients for over 20 years and we are part of the Consumer Code for Home Builders which ensures that, as new home buyers, you are treated fairly and are fully informed about your purchase before and after you sign the contract. As house construction contractors, we are also members of the Federation of Master Builders. As long-standing contractors for home construction, we also know that building a home takes time. Depending upon your design and your requirements, your home could take several months, or even a year or more, before it is complete and ready to move into.

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One of the things that many new home builders require is plenty of storage. In fact, there is a belief that a home cannot have too much of it. So, for example, as house construction contractors, we are frequently asked to produce walk-in wardrobes. When you allow for this in your design, it means that you don’t have to buy wardrobes and keep them in the room, and it also gives you more space in the bedroom. Some clients include a separate dressing room. As contractors for home construction, we are also often asked for walk-in pantries in the kitchen, again providing more space in the room itself. This is important in the 21st century, when many homeowners not only cook and wash up in the kitchen, but also eat meals there, and frequently entertain guests there for a dinner or lunch. Garage storage is also important for many families. As house construction contractors, we are frequently required to build a garage to house three or four cars, and also provide storage in the form of built-in cabinetry or even a separate storage room. Many clients also want a workbench in the garage. In addition, many new home buyers also require easy access to the loft for additional storage.

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Outdoor living space is another major consideration. Many people today don’t want just a deck, but a full-sized patio. As contractors for home construction, we are often required to build a patio that has at least some partial roofing, and in many cases includes outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, built-in seating, and ceiling fans for hot weather.

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Of course, when it comes to energy, if you are building a new home and using us as your house construction contractors, you will almost certainly want to include solar panels and a power wall . After all, why pay for soaring energy costs when you can now produce your own? As contractors for home construction, we can include solar panels that will not only cover your own requirements but produce more.

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Another thing that you may want to include if you have a young family, is a playroom. As, house construction contractors, we are often required to build a playroom for a young family. As the kids grow, the playroom can easily be converted into a games room or study centre when they become teenagers. But, as contractors for home construction, we know that you could also convert it into a man cave, home office, art studio, or even a library, once they have fled the nest.

Ultimately, of course, when you are designing your own home, you can include whatever you wish. That is the beauty of the whole process.

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