There has been a considerable increase in new building development and home construction in Cornwall in recent years as the county continues to attract a range of residents and businesses. This has led to a surge in new homes being built and a corresponding increase in house prices.

It’s already been announced that more than 1200 new affordable homes will be built in the region within the next five years. Here we discuss why choosing new build developments in Cornwall might be the next big thing.

Why Cornwall?

One of the main factors driving home construction and new build developments in Cornwall is the steady influx of new residents and businesses. This includes individuals and companies from outside Cornwall, as well as locals looking to move to new, more prosperous areas. Additionally, the county has several attractive features that attract people to settle there, including its mild climate, scenic landscapes, and strong economy.

For instance, statistics show that the average price of a new home is cheaper than that of England and Wales. Interestingly, it also shows that new homes in Cornwall can be more affordable than purchasing established builds. 

Are There Any Challenges?

One of the main challenges facing new building development and home construction in Cornwall is the limited available land. This is partly because the county is relatively small and also due to the fact that it’s densely populated. As a result, developers are often limited in the number of homes they can build, which has significantly impacted the availability of properties for sale.

To address the limited available land, developers are increasingly looking to build on greenfield land (underdeveloped areas). This is particularly true in the county’s rural areas, where there is a greater abundance of available land. However, this is not always an easy process, and it can take years for a new development to be completed.

Choosing WDANDC for Your New Build

If you’re interested in learning about how you can find a contractor for home construction in Cornwall, WDANDC is here to help. Whether you’re an investor or simply looking for a new property for you and your family, Cornwall has a lot to offer.

Overall, new build developments in Cornwall are continuing to grow, and several challenges need to be addressed to ensure that the market remains healthy. However, the county is well-placed to address these issues, and the market will likely continue to grow in the future. 

With over 20 years of experience, WDANDC provides professional and reliable high-quality home construction services in Cornwall, from renovation to design services. 

So, get in touch if you want to start planning your new home and hire a contractor for home construction in Cornwall.

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