Working out the order in which you renovate your home can be a headache, particularly if you’re inexperienced and have little time on your hands. 

You may be updating your existing home, such as adding extra downstairs living space or an extra bathroom. Either way, home renovation can be exciting and stressful in equal measure.

In 2021, almost half (49%) of UK homeowners made improvements to their homes, and demand for tradespeople grew by 32%. Only 19% of homeowners completed renovations themselves, and a whopping 81% of people hired a professional company to do the work instead. The importance of finding a reliable company to do the job is paramount. 

For most of us, owning our home is the biggest and most important investment we’ll make. Hiring an experienced house renovation company gives you the comfort of knowing that your bricks and mortar will be in safe hands. 

Wood Design and Carpentry Ltd are traditional builders in Cornwall with more than two decades of experience in building and construction. This includes a complete home renovation planner service carried out by our highly qualified and dedicated team of craftsmen. 

We can help protect your original features from retaining their integrity; this includes working on Grade 1 listed properties and checking for renovation regulations and restrictions. We can also work with you to establish the renovation cost to ensure that your project is workable and apply for planning consent on your behalf. 

Our experience as traditional builders in Cornwall means we have excellent relationships with professional contractors and leading manufacturers. Together we will work as a team to create a beautiful design for your home that meets your needs and at the best price for quality work. 

This includes looking at your end goals and a full work schedule to ensure that any renovations in a particular room or space don’t impact the rest of your home. We will also assess the condition of your property before conducting any work. This includes advising you about any groundwork, such as foundations and drainage, that may be impacted and any damp proof work that may need to be carried out. 

Working with a home renovation planner means that all the above will be done correctly. If you need a home renovation planner for your project, Wood Design and Carpentry has the knowledge, experience, skills and specialist ability to provide you with a complete home renovation service. 

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