People move home for many different reasons. They may need a larger home because they have growing children, or they may need a smaller one because the children have fled the nest. They may need to move because they have a new job or because the kids are starting at a new school. They may just choose to go and live in the country, or perhaps do the opposite and move to a town in Cornwall.

Whatever the reason, there are two choices. You can buy an existing home, which many people do, or you can build your own home. Either way, you will have a list of priorities about how many rooms there are, whether it’s close to the shops, it needs a big garden, we’d like some trees, a bungalow would be best, and so on. When you look for an existing home, it is pretty certain that you won’t find that it has everything that you want.

The advantage of building your own home is that, although it will usually take longer then buying an existing home, you can have everything that you want included. As a contractor for home construction of many years’ standing, Wood Design and Carpentry can produce your perfect home with everything that you wish for included.

You want a swimming pool? You’ve got it. A three-car garage? Of course. Specific kitchen fittings? Certainly.

We Have The Skills That You Need

That’s the beauty of using us as a contractor for home construction because we have the skills required to produce whatever you want. Yes, it may take a few months to build. It could take a year, depending upon what you wish for. But when it is finished, you will have the keys to your perfect home which includes absolutely everything that you wished for and nothing that you don’t need.

OK, you have to find your own plot of land, but once you have done that and got planning permission we can take over and start from scratch. Literally. We begin with the groundwork and do absolutely everything right to the point that you move in. We are members of the Federation of Master Builders and have been for many years. That means that we had to meet their criteria and pass their vetting and inspection process. They won’t let just any old building company join them. In turn, that means that when you use us to create your perfect home, you will have the peace of mind that comes with having expert craftsmen working for you.

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