As with any other county in the UK, there are many builders in Cornwall. And as with all builders, there are some very good ones, some average ones, and some who should not be allowed anywhere near a cement mixer or a power drill under any circumstances whatsoever.

At Wood Design and Carpentry Ltd., we like to think that we are in the top section, and if the comments from our customers are anything to go by, we most certainly are. We have been in the building trade for over 20 years, we keep upto date with current building designs while never taking our eye off providing a quality of finish.

Not only have we carried out many new build developments in Cornwall over the last decade, but we have also been engaged in listed contracts which involved the restoration of Grade 1 and Grade 2* listed buildings, so much so that a hotel that we recently restored was upgraded to 2* purely down the the period applicable internal joinery detailing we installed during the renovation.

Ten Year Insurance-Backed Warranty – IBG

Furthermore, when you use us to build your new home, we provide you with a ten-year insurance-backed guarantee. What that means to our customers is that, even if we were to go out of business – a very unlikely scenario – the home that we constructed for you is still guaranteed by an independent insurance company. If you stop to think about that for a minute, it demonstrates the confidence that a independent insurance company has in our skills, because they wouldn’t provide the insurance cover if they were not totally comfortable our work meets stringent criteria.

In addition, we have been members of the Federation of Master Builders for many years, and this is an organisation that requires a level of profound skill and experience. It also means two of our jobs were vetted by the FMB before we could join and even 5 years another will be visited to ensure the quality continues to meet their standards. Another FMB membership policy is to ensure all members have current and correct insurances and liability policy’s in place.

That aside, there are our own personal beliefs in our skills and in what we do. As far as we are concerned as a company, no job, however big or small, is completed until we are totally satisfied in our own minds that it is perfect. Whether it is fitting out a new kitchen, installing a boiler, or building a small estate of a dozen homes, it is not finished until it is – to put it simply – RIGHT. That is the way it has to be for our peace of mind, your peace of mind, and also that of an independent insurance company!

We hope that this has given you some sort of insight into the way that we think as a company and the way that we operate. Not all builders are the same, as you will have known anyway. But when you need new build developments in Cornwall, we would like to quote you for the work.

Naturally, we will be delighted to work for you, but if you choose another company then that is your decision. It has to be. But at least you will get to meet us, and then you will have a greater understanding of our mission to be top quality builders in Cornwall.

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