Are you interested in new build developments in Cornwall but don’t know who’s involved and how it works? Then keep reading. This will walk you through all the people involved in new build developments in Cornwall

Cornwall has been a popular location for many years, whether for a second home, a retirement property or a family relocation. New homes are located across various counties, and Wood Design and Carpentry Ltd is one of the foremost building and house repair contractor companies. It’s been in the industry for more than two decades. 

We’re also part of the Consumer Code of Conduct for New Homes. Our insurance-backed guarantees demonstrate our commitment to providing our clients with high-quality new builds. 

This, coupled with our experience, means we work with leading house repair contractors, trades, manufacturers and other professionals to bring homeowner’s dreams of a new build to a reality. 

But who is involved? Here are just a few of the trades we collaborate with when involved in new build developments in Cornwall:

Builders: this can include carpenters, kitchen fitters, masons, plant operatives, plasterers and bricklayers, and electricians. In our case, all our craftsmen are highly qualified, members of the Federation of Master Builders and are involved in all the construction jobs involved in a new build. 

House repair contractors: in addition to the above, a new build and house renovation project can also need outside input from other trades such as experienced plumbers, gas installation engineers, painters, roofers and other trades depending on the nature of the project. 

Architect: This is someone typically involved at the start of a new build project and is responsible for its design, usually tailored to your specific requirements. This may also include helping with applying for planning permission. However, this can also be done by your new build development company and is something we have many years of experience in doing. 

Surveyor: Typically, a land surveyor will establish the boundaries of a new build development, whereas a quantity surveyor can determine the construction budget.

Engineer: working with builders and the architect, the engineer ensures the house plans are realistic, and the condition of the site location is acceptable for your build. 

Interior designer: will work with you and us on your home’s interior layout and decoration. This can include furniture, lighting and colour schemes. 

Are you interested in talking to us about your new home and whether our new build development services may be for you? Click here to find out more.

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