If you have the option to build your own home, the list of benefits is endless. Not to put too fine a point on it, building regulations and planning permission aside, you can have anything that you want. So, if you can afford to do that, why wouldn’t you? Also the time you will have taken a long time Architect, which in most cases is likely longer than the build time.

When you buy an existing home there will always be things that you are not so happy with, or other things that you would prefer, but you have the constraints of the home as it is. In one sense, although it is not necessarily that bad, you can only choose the best of the bunch. But when you design it yourself, the opportunities are endless. So, if you want an Olympic size swimming pool – not that we are suggesting you would – you can have it. 

But here is something to take into consideration: how do you choose the builder to carry out the work? It is one thing designing your own home with all the facilities that you want in it. But then you have to have an architect draw up the plans. And after that you have to choose a builder to build your home. Many people will have advice on this and there are endless programs on television regarding the pitfalls of the building process. Everyone will agree that these key points will ensure you make a good choice of contractor and find the best home builders.

As you will already have a good relationship with the Architect and they should invariably have contacts within the building network locally. They may well have a list of preferred builders to get quotes from.

A well established building firm with many years of books on Companies House means builders with plenty of experience, not a start-up. That is not to say that a start-up may not consist of experienced people. They may be very good. But can you afford to take a chance? After all reputation will only come though being around a while.

Testimonials – A company that can put you in touch with its’ customers who can tell you what they think. This can give you the confidence that you need to proceed forward.

Builder belonging to professional organisations, like the Federation Of Master Builders or NHBC. The ability to offer an IBG (insurance backed guarantee)

All of best home builders keep up to date with all of the latest developments in the construction industry. As with other industries, things change, so you don’t want what worked well in the noughties if there are better systems and procedures available now.

Delivering on Budget. You need a builder who can not only produce the perfect home for you but do it within your budget. 

Tick all of these boxes and you will ensure your builder is one of the best home builders.

At Wood Design and Carpentry, we have the skills and the experience that you need. We have been building new homes for customers for many years, and we have the experience that you need to create your perfect home. We tick all of these boxes and truly believe that we are in the best home builders in Cornwall.

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