Home improvement is booming. According to money experts, 77% of UK homeowners invested in improving their properties in 2021. In fact, during the pandemic, 27% of brits were spending more on home improvements than before.

Despite growing inflation and the increasing cost of living that 2022 has brought, the market for home improvement services grew by 3.8% in 2022. We’ll discuss some of the reasons for this below, but the simple fact is:

People are starting to demand a fresh perspective on the home that they live in. They want to see innovation, new ideas, and something that is not only different but practical. 

So, let’s look at some of these trends and where you can give good house construction contractors to get the job done.

Home Renovation Trends to Expect

The home renovation trends of the future are hard to predict, but we can speculate on what the future will hold. 

Namely, with energy prices reaching a 54% growth in early 2022, many are likely considering investing in better home insulation and energy conservation.

With the rise of work from home, many started taking their home space more seriously, with interior renovation up by 75%, including home renovation services for home offices, increasing storage space, and creating extra utility rooms.

In keeping with energy conservation, in particular, many are also looking at the sustainability of their homes. According to property experts, this has included attention to the following:

What To Avoid

Although many people are planning a home renovation in 2023, there are a few things to look out for – and one of the worst is underbudgeting.

12% of home improvers report going over their initial budget. The top reasons for this were: the home renovation services and products they chose cost more than expected. And two, the project was more complex than they expected. 

When choosing our house construction contractors, we must ensure you have all the facts.

The cost of materials can quickly pile up and be too expensive in the long run. Similarly, some home renovations can be too impractical and create more work than they are worth. This is because the renovations are so impractical they cannot be completed. 

Why Choose Wood Design and Carpentry?

If you’re considering any of these home improvement trends for 2023, you need a reliable and professional service to bring your project to fruition. At WDANDC, we’ve worked on many home renovations over our 20 years of service. We can help you design and create your ideas from start to finish.

So, why not give us a call today to arrange a chat?

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